Timber Floor Systems

Productivity, consistency and quality are often seen as mutually exclusive attributes within high volume building environments. Our engineered timber floor systems are specifically designed to eliminate any trade-off between these key objectives.

As one the UK’s leading suppliers of innovative, engineered timber products Perran Trusses output is characterised by superior strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. this coupled with significant investment in the latest machinery that includes the revolution Posi (Metal web) line capable of producing upward of 1200m per day and Hundegger SC1 saw to enable timber processing through the machine with variances of no more than +/- 2mm ensure accurate manufacture.

In recent years the uptake of engineered timber solutions by our customers has been significant. There is now a well-established track record for the inherent safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of these engineered products that make them highly attractive in environments where productivity, consistency and quality are pre-requisites for performance without compromise.